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 Line2Angel Rules!

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PostSubject: Line2Angel Rules!   Wed May 28, 2008 12:30 pm

1. PK at starting village is not allowed.
3. PK and PVP to the rest of the world is allowed.
4. Threats & bad language will not be tolerated.
5. Offensive nicks,titles,clan names are not accepted. They will be changed by us.
6. Dropping items is not allowed. It causes lag. You better destroy them eitherwise when you are caught, account will be banned.
7. Scamming is not allowed.
8. Bot L2Walker and third party programs not allowed.
9. Impersonating a GM is a bannable offense.
10. Do not beg GMs for adena,enchance items,teleporting or making you a GM.
11. The server is not prive for 1 clan or 1 ally...So all understand that...
12. Clan leaders are responsible for their members behaviour. Penalties will be applied to them if members keep acting bad and no action from leader is taken.
13. You must show respect for the GMs. They work very hard for you...
14. Bad word and slander for GM's not allowed. Ban and maybe Delete Character.

Penalties can be kill/kick on warnings or worse ban and account deletion when players does not follow the warnings and rules.

Remember, this game is supposed to be fun!
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Line2Angel Rules!
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